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Punjab Government closes all schools once again

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Punjab government closes all schools once again in view of the increasing cases of corona, the Punjab government has decided to close all schools once again. Today, a tweet has been made by Education Minister Murad Raas stating that according to tweet, schools will be closed from September 6 to till September 11. This is a very difficult decision. But now let’s see that.

Why schools are being closed again in Punjab?

Punjab government closes all schools once again because we had to follow the SOPs set by the government But not all of us followed these SOP’s. The SOPs that are formed are actually for the benefit of the people. But the public blows up all these SOP’s. If we look at our city, there are very few people who follow these SOP’s. Corona’s situation in Pakistan is very dangerous. It should be noted that people also do not follow SOPs. A lot of people think it’s a joke. That is why the situation is becoming so dangerous.

Murad Raas’s Tweet

All Public & Private Schools of Punjab to be closed from September 6th to September 11th, 2021 due COVID 19 conditions. Please stay home and stay safe. Protect yourself and your families.
This message has been shared from the Twitter account of Education Minister Murad Raas.

Corona Pandemic Control Solution

The only solution to control the coronavirus is vaccination. The government’s strategy plays an important role in overcoming this. Currently, the only solution is to vaccinate as many people as possible. And the government should also prioritize this acceleration as much as possible.

To solve this, the people should also support the government in this initiative. Because no strategy of the government can succeed unless the people agree with it. Therefore, people should get their own vaccinations and motivate others to do the same. Only a vaccine can stop the spread of Corona disease. In this case, the government will have to tighten its strategy. The government should set up as many vaccination centers as possible. In addition, a mobile vaccination center should be set up to facilitate the people at the same time. So that people can get maximum benefit from this facility.

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