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The Taliban are trying to establish a government in Afghanistan

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The Taliban are trying to establish a government in Afghanistan in the name of the Islamic Emirate. The Taliban’s attempt in the name of the Islamic Emirate continues in Kabul. The Taliban and their leader Hebatullah are trying to get this done as soon as possible.

All the Taliban have decided that you will have Hebatullah Akhunzada as the Ameer of their state. This has confirmed in “The News” Magazine. According to him, Taliban sources in Afghanistan and Pakistani official in Islamabad have told The News on Saturday.

The Taliban are trying to establish a government and decided that haibatullah is new Amir

Recently, the Taliban are trying to establish a government in Afghanistan. According to the Taliban, Mullah Hebatullah Akhunzada is a Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth and a pious man. According to the Taliban, Mullah Hebatullah Akhunzada will be promoting to the post of Amir of the state and Commander-in-Chief in the army.

This decision is exactly liking the one given by Mullah Omar during the Taliban era from 1996 to 2001. Just like Mullah Omar was the richest man in the government in Afghanistan and the commander-in-chief in the army. With Mullah Omar’s tireless work, there was some stability in Afghanistan.

After 2015, Mullah Hebatullah had elected Amir. Because they have a central council that plays an important role in selecting Amir. He went into hiding after his appointment. There are also some people in the Taliban group who are in contact with him. Mullah Hebatullah is a strong cadidate in government affairs throughout Afghanistan.

Mullah Hebatullah can play a central role in all these matters. He will have three deputies, Mullah Yaqub( son of Mullah Umar), Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, Siraj ul Din Haqani(son of Jalal ul Din Haqani late). Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar will fully support Mullah Hebatullah in running the affairs of the government. Because Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar can handle all these matters well. That is why Mullah Abdul Ghani will hold an important position in handling government affairs.

Taliban Establishment:

According to sources, the Taliban are trying to establish government in Afghanistan. The Taliban have divided over two key positions in the new government. In two important positions, one is the finance minister and the other is the defense minister. According to sources, Maulana Siraj Haqqani is interesting in the Finance Minister. But there you have already nominated.

Both are on the Wanted List of the International Community. The Taliban are trying to remove their names from the list. For now, he will remain a member of the Rahbari Shura. Also called Central Shura. These two people cannot be select for the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Finance. The Taliban Shura is trying its best to remove their names from the list. According to sources, there is another post that has caused discord among the Taliban. Maulana Zakir is also interesting in this post. Now let’s see who gets this post, Maula Zakir or Maulana Yaqub.

Ministry Of Taliban:

Khalil is also working hard for the Interior Ministry. However, an explanation is giving by the Taliban that Sadar Ibrahim will be interior minister and Khalil Haqqani will be peace minister. Sher Muhammad Abbas is already a foreign minister of Afghanistan. And he is attending many such meetings as a foreign minister.

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