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Treatment of Kidney Stones | How to remove kidney stones?

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Treatment of Kidney Stones

The kidneys are an important organ in our body and are of special importance. But mostly ignore for kidney health. The kidneys excrete substances from our body. But the foods we eat today increase the chances of kidney stones. Kidney stones can cause other diseases. Which can put a person in a lot of trouble going forward. We should take food on priority basis to avoid kidney stones. There are many home remedies for treatment of kidney stones. But first we need to know about our kidney function.

Renal function

Before treatment of kidney stones, we need to know the functions of the kidneys. The kidneys detoxify our blood. The kidneys excrete waste products from our body through urine. We eat food and waste products accumulate in our body. When we eat animal meat we use more salt in our ears and so on.
When we eat meat, it has some advantages and some disadvantages. Meat is rich in protein which benefits our body. But meat also contains some harmful substances that are harmful to our body. We use more salt in our daily diet. So the kidneys detox it too. The kidneys excrete waste products through the urine. It is very important that the waste products get out of our body. All these things are done by our kidneys.
The kidneys are responsible for cleaning our blood.

They maintain a certain amount of sodium and potassium in our blood. If the amount of sodium in our blood increases, we get the disease of blood pressure. Blood pressure causes more diseases. And it’s not good for our kidney’s health either.

The causes of kidney stones

There are many causes for kidney stones. Let us mention few.

  • Too much salt in the diet.
  • Drinking bad water.
  • Increasing the amount of insulin in our body.
  • Increased the uric acid in our body.
  • Increasing the use of rice in the diet.
  • Eat more red meat.
  • Drinking less water.

Home Remedy for The Treatment of Kidney Stone

Here are some home remedies for kidney stones. It can use for the treatment of kidney stones. We mention some methods for the treatment of kidney stone.

1 Using Corn hair for The Treatment of Kidney Stone:

Corn hair is very important for cleansing the kidneys. Its use detoxifies our kidneys. The method is to take 50 grams of corn hair and take two glasses of water. Take it in a pot and boil it well. Boil them until the water is half full. When a glass of water is left, cool it. Then add one gram of kalonji seeds powder. Then drink it. Do this twice a day. And if you do not have diabetes, you can add a teaspoon of honey. Do this for forty days, God willing remove the kidney stone.

2 Using Green coriander for The Treatment of Kidney Stone:

The second method is that you put coriander about 50 grams. Wash it well and cut it. Then mix it well in one and a half glass of water and boil it. When the water turns green, cool it and drink it. It will clear your kidneys. These drinks can be taken at any time of the day, but also one hour after eating. This drink will minimize your chances of developing kidney stones. This will also reduce your weight and your stomach will work properly. It boosts our immune system.

3 Using Cherry Fruit for The Treatment of Kidney Stone:

Cherry is considered a friend of the kidneys. Its use increases the function of your kidneys. It also clears the urinary track. And it is used for urinary track infections (UTI). Today’s pharmaceutical companies have also launched a product called Crane Berry Extract. This fruit is very useful for UTI and kidney’s health. It boosts our immune system.

Using Garlic Ginger Lemon for The Treatment of Kidney Stone


Ginger plays a vital role in the health of our body. It thins our blood and activates the kidneys. Using it also keeps our cholesterol levels balanced. It removes cholesterol from our body and increases HDL good cholesterol.


Ginger boosts the immune system. It thins the blood and flushes out waste products. It is very useful in the treatment of uric acid. Because uric acid is a major cause of kidney stones.


Lemons play an important role in booting our immune system. It contains a large amount of vitamin C. Which is very important for our health. It thins our blood and plays an important role in cleansing the blood. Using of lemon does not cause clots in our blood and helps control uric acid.

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