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Dr Murad Rass Minister of Education visits South Punjab

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Dr Murad Rass, the provincial education minister, made the announcement during the meeting. The coming generation will supply only education and training, which will be provided by an SNC. Teachers bear primary responsibility for determining the course of the country and the nation’s development. Government schools would benefit from revolutionary reforms introduced by the PTI government in the sphere of education, which will increase the overall quality of education provided by public schools.

Dr. Murad Rass conducts a meeting

Earlier today, Dr. Murad Rass addressed a meeting of CEOs, district education officers, and deputy district education officers from Multan and Bahawalpur districts in the Committee Room of the Education Secretariat South Punjab. Dr. Ehtesham Anwar, Secretary Education South Punjab, Additional Secretary (Admin) Ataul Haq, Deputy Secretary Khawaja Mazharul Haq, DPI (Secondary) Aizaz Ahmad Joya, and DPI (Elementary) South Punjab Tahira Parveen were all present at the meeting, as well as DPI (Secondary) Aizaz Ahmad Joya and DPI (Elementary) South Punjab Tahira Parveen.

Dr. Murad Rass talk about rationalization and vacant posts

The process of rationalization in educational institutions would take place while keeping in mind the ground realities as well as the needs of the organization as a whole. He stated that this was in response to the modification to the Rules of Business. Teachers would no longer be required to travel to Lahore as a result of the resolution of the situation in South Punjab.

Parents should convince their children to get vaccinated in school with love and compassion. The 5,000 posts have been disabled. The reason for this is that appointments and transfers are used as a source of revenue. Everything will now proceed in accordance with the norms and merit.

He stated that, with the exception of the June and December holidays, all teachers’ vacation days will be closed. There were difficulties in putting the new idea into action. The education officers should make an effort to address these issues.

Dr. Murad Rass Discussion About school councils

He stated that the government was receiving complaints from school councils on a regular basis, alleging that they were not collaborating on crucial issues pertaining to schools. Dissolve the council and install new members to its place.

Discussion about appointment of Head Teachers in Primary Schools

A statement from the provincial education minister stated that the process for the regular hiring of head teachers in primary schools had begun. The administration is exploring a proposal that would elevate AEOs to the position of head teacher in primary schools.

Project Promotions

Dr. Murad Rass, Provincial Minister for Education, praised the efforts of Dr. Ehtesham Anwar, Secretary Education South Punjab, in the Department of Education, Trans Education, Promotion Project, Sobh No School Project, and the establishment of the first School Hockey League in Pakistan’s history. Dr. Ehtesham Anwar is the Secretary Education South Punjab. He stated that he has done a fantastic job for the improvement of education in South Punjab as well as the promotion of the national sport of hockey in the region.

The South Punjab Department of Education, in partnership with the Pakistan Sports Board, organized the event. We will train physical education teachers in schools in the most up-to-date methods. A discussion took place during which the education officers offered their recommendations to the provincial education minister for improvements to be made in education and for the resolution of difficulties.

The inauguration of the cricket ground

Dr. Murad Rass, Provincial Minister for School Education, lay the foundation stone for the construction and repair of the cricket ground at the Government Gulgasht Town School in Multan on Tuesday.

Inspection of The Government Pilot Secondary School

His first stop was The Government Pilot Secondary School in Multan, where he visited the history library. He was able to see the back and historical volumes in this library.

Murad Rass, Provincial Minister for School Education, officially dedicated the new hockey field at Pilot Secondary School Multan on Monday. At order to facilitate this, hockey fields have been constructed in 431 schools throughout South Punjab.

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