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SNC School Based Assessment Grade 5 papers 2022

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SNC School Based Assessment grade 5 papers 2022. The SNC will be looked at at the school level. There are a total of 2022 papers for students in grade 5 that cover all subjects. Each of the sample papers for the SBA 2022 preparation exams has questions about a specific topic. Section-by-section papers for the School-based test that will be given in 2022. Across all of the subjects, there is a single national curriculum. This is what SBA tests for grade 5 are based on. People who write the papers and tests follow PEC rules (Punjab examination commission). It’s also possible to get the SBA item bank for Grade 5 in 2021 from the SBA’s site.

You can also get the answer keys for all of the subjects in item bank SBA 2022 SBA item bank 2021 for Grade 5. The answer keys for all of the items in the SBA 2022 item bank can also be downloaded.

SNC School-Based Assessment/Large scale assessment 2022:

An SBA exam is held in all elementary schools in Punjab every year. It is run by the Punjab Examination Board. The PEC’s official website gives you access to all of the papers and item banks, as well as a lot of other things. Teachers are in charge of checking the SBA test with the item bank papers that the school gives them. To help teachers get ready for the SBA 2022 test, the SNC has made a set of sample questions that teachers can use to study. All school-based tests have answer keys for every question.

There are also lesson ideas, answers, more questions, and Keywords to consider. In addition to the SNC Model papers, there are exercises and prior papers provided with them.

Assessment Item Bank Grade 5 Session 2022 PEC:

These SBA papers 2022 from SNC have the following things. The first part:

  • Large scale assessment (L.S.A)
  • Sample-based assessment pilot
  • Population-based terminal examination
  • International Assessments
  • School-Based Assessments
  • Summative Assessments
  • Formative Assessments


  • MCQs Multiple choice questions
  • ERQS extended response questions
  • CRCs constructed response questions
  • ERQs extended response questions
  • Unseen Questions

List of Subjects With SNC SBA Assessment 2022:

  • English (SNC SBA item bank 2022 Model papers)
  • Urdu (SNC SBA item bank 2022 Model papers)
  • Science (SNC SBA item bank 2022 Model papers)
  • Social Study (SNC SBA item bank 2022 Model papers)
  • Islamiat (SNC SBA item bank 2022 Model papers)
  • Mathematics (SNC SBA item bank 2022 Model papers)

Download Item Banks Grade 5 Session-2022:

SNC SBA 2022 EnglishDownload
Urdu SNC 2022 Model PaperDownload
Science SNC SBA 2022 PaperDownload
SNC SBA 2022 SSTDownload
Islamiat SBA 2022Download
Mathematics SNC SBA Model PaperDownload
Item Banks Grade 5 Session-2022
Sample Questions From SNC SBA 2022 Papers:

Read the following text attentively and answer a,b,c,d, and e. Lubna and her classmates were tremendously pleased because Of Haroon was coming to the school. The school has invited Dr. Haroon to discourse on individual gene concerns and develop awareness about COVID-19. Dr. Haroon instructed school authorities to supply masks to everyone and establish physical separation throughout his visit. The children were eager to meet him.

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