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The Best Apps like Snapchat for iPhone and Android

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Best Apps like Snapchat: Easy enough to use, but with plenty of features, it’s no wonder that Snapchat has become such a household name since its launch in 2011. However, as more and more apps like Snapchat get introduced, the competition becomes more and more fierce. If you haven’t joined the ranks of Snapchat users yet, we’ve put together this list of our favorite apps like Snapchat to help you make up your mind about which one to use next.

WhatsApp Best Apps like Snapchat:

best apps like snapchat
best apps like snapchat

This messaging app is one of those alternatives to Snapchat. WhatsApp is currently owned by Facebook, but that may change soon since there are reports floating around that Facebook wants to sell it. The app is really useful and has cross-platform support which means you can use it no matter what device you have. WhatsApp also has a built-in calling feature so you can call any of your friends who also use WhatsApp free of charge (and vice versa). There’s even a group chat function with a 256 person limit so your group chats will never get too large. It’s available on both iOS and Android, so whatever device you have, you’ll be able to communicate via WhatsApp .

Facebook Messenger Best Apps like Snapchat:

Facebook recently took a similar approach to Instagram by adding a feature that lets you take pictures or video and apply filters to them before sharing. The company also allows you to doodle on top of your photos before sending them along. While it’s not quite Snapchat, Facebook Messenger does offer an easy way to create fun images without having to open another app. You can also check out 13 Tips For Using Facebook Messenger Like A Pro . Keep in mind that many of these apps require either an iOS or Android device in order to work. If you don’t see your operating system listed, don’t fret—there are still plenty of fun features available!

Instagram Best Apps like Snapchat:

This iOS-only app is a platform that allows users to share pictures and short videos. The beauty of Instagram is its simplicity, making it easy to share your best moments with family and friends using just a smartphone. Instagram, however, has also become notorious for teens sending sexually explicit or provocative images. Parents should be aware of what their children are doing on social media networks (it’s not so different from old school chatting) but by monitoring which apps their kids are using, parents can also get an idea as to what their child’s interests are. It might be a little more time consuming, but at least you can know if your teen is up late talking to strangers online or sharing inappropriate photos that could have lasting repercussions later in life.


It’s not just a call, it’s a video chat with all of your friends. That’s right—there are video calling features baked into Skype. The app will let you call just about anyone with an internet connection, which is kind of incredible. Besides being able to call (and message) across devices, Skype also has filters similar to Snapchat that’ll allow you to express yourself through drawings or stop-motion animations (the app calls them Mojis). You can even draw on live broadcasts—perfect if you want to get creative in front of an audience but don’t want to ask them for a bunch of follow requests or temporary phone numbers.


As mentioned above, Kik is an app that lets you send messages to others. You can also use it to make phone calls or video calls with other users in your network. It also has a handy feature that allows you to talk privately with any other user, even if they aren’t in your immediate contacts list. The app boasts more than 200 million registered users (roughly 140 million active), and supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and even Nokia S40 devices. So no matter what kind of device you have, chances are there’s a Kik version just waiting for you to download it onto your mobile device. But there’s a lot more to Kik than what we’ve mentioned so far: What else makes Kik one of best apps like Snapchat?

Google Duo:

Google’s new video calling app isn’t just one of the best apps like Snapchat; it’s also one of our favorite video calling apps. That said, Duo is still pretty new, so it’s missing some features that other apps have had for a while. For example, you can only make Duo video calls to your contacts, but they also have to be using Duo—you can’t get a random person from another service to use Duo just to make a call with them. The whole thing works very well though and our tests went much more smoothly than we expected. You can download Google Duo from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store (it’s free).

Line (App by LINE Corporation):

Line is arguably one of, if not, the most popular messaging apps on mobile. Like Snapchat, Line lets you send photos and videos to individual contacts or share them with a group of friends in Chats. You can also play games with your friends directly through Line. With over 600 million registered users worldwide, it’s hard to make comparisons between it and Snapchat since they have such different use cases. That said, there are plenty of basic messaging features that you can use on both platforms. The only real downside is that you cannot record a video through its camera feature on iOS devices — for now at least. (Line has confirmed an update will be coming soon.)


If you want to check out a messaging app that’s similar to WhatsApp, Viber is worth a look. While most people like to use it for its standard messaging services. There are some cool tricks in Viber, too. It’s well worth taking a look at our list of Viber features. If you’re interested in finding something that isn’t SnapChat. The app boasts support for different kinds of media, too: images, GIFs, video and audio messages are all supported by Viber.

Signal Private Messenger (Signal Protocol Project Inc.):

Signal is a free, encrypted messaging service based on Open Whisper Systems’s secure open-source Signal Protocol. It was previously called TextSecure Private Messenger, but changed its name to Signal in October 2016. Open Whisper Systems is also responsible for another popular encrypted messaging app called RedPhone (Android only). While RedPhone has a cool feature that allows you to talk safely over the phone via VoIP, it’s very limited in other features (no group chat or video messaging) that have been added to Signal. However, if you don’t need these features and are looking for something that’s both private and secure (and don’t mind sending all your messages from your phone number), then Signal is one of the best apps like Snapchat.

Snapchat (Snap Inc.):

This is one of two pure messaging apps on our list. It’s only purpose is to let you send photos and videos to your friends, who can view them for up to 10 seconds before they disappear. Messages are not stored on a server, but rather saved locally on your phone (along with incoming messages). The app also has location-sharing features similar to those found in Instagram Stories. One final cool feature: You can add fun filters to make yourself look like an underwater pirate or something else pretty cool.

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