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Upload Video on Shorts-The Easy Way to Create YouTube Shorts

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Upload Video on Shorts, but we think about it. How to create YouTube Shorts has long been one of the most requested topics from You Tubers and video marketing experts alike, because so many people want to do it and have great ideas to share with the world. However, their lack of knowledge regarding video editing keeps them from going through with it and publishing videos on their YouTube channel. But now, there’s an easy way to create YouTube Shorts: an online application that enables you to create videos in minutes and upload them directly to your YouTube channel.

Creating YouTube shorts has never been easier than with video editing programs like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie on Apple computers, or Magisto, Any Video Converter, Handbrake and other free and paid video editing apps that can create YouTube shorts from your existing footage (both from mobiles and PCs). With these tools, you don’t have to create an entirely new video to upload to YouTube – you can simply edit together existing footage that you’ve already shot and make it look brand new! In this article, we’ll explain how to create YouTube shorts using the tools above.

Create and Upload Video on Shorts

Step 1:

Upload your video onto a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Step 2: Compress your video using a compression software, like Handbrake (PC) or VidTrim (Mac). Step 3: Now you’re ready to upload your short movie onto YouTube! Be sure to use high-quality footage and audio. This will be important when viewers are viewing your work on their mobile devices, as well as computer screens.

Step 2:

Uploading Your Video. Once you’ve created your video and got it looking exactly how you want, click upload file. Make sure you add a title, description and tags for your video. All of these details will be visible on your video when someone watches it, which will help them find other videos in their searches or decide whether or not they want to watch yours!

Step 3:

Get Users To See Your Post (Outreach) – Now you have a post, your next step is to get it in front of a lot of eyes. This involves promotion. You can do several things on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook as well as signing up for services like StumbleUpon, BuzzSumo and more. Each platform will cost you time but can lead to traffic spikes that help further boost your content.

Step 4:

Now that you’ve written your content, you need to source a tool where you can bulk upload your articles. I use an old school link generator. This tool is great because it helps automate a lot of stuff like formatting and contextual links (check out: Link Cloaker ). I have a post on how to properly format your bulk links, which will help with getting accepted into Google+. It’s important that you at least apply for one page so that Google doesn’t penalize all of your accounts.

Step 5:

Record Your Video Now you are ready to start recording your video. The most important thing is that you speak very slowly, pausing a little between each word. Always try and be at a quiet place, free from distractions and make sure your lighting is good. You can also use graphic images and illustrations as part of your talk-through videos. I recommend that you do a practice run before filming just to get comfortable with it all!

Enhance Your Shorts while recording

Enhancement While Recording
Enhancement While Recording

If you’re trying to create a short video on your mobile device, it’s best to hold it at eye level. This way, you can avoid blurry footage caused by shaky hands.

Add Music and Audio before Upload Video on Shorts:

Mobile phones today have great built-in cameras. Most of them can record in HD quality, making it possible for you to create short video clips that are not only fun but also look good. In addition, you can add music and audio tracks.

Adjust Recording Speed of Shorts Video:

If you’re on a phone or tablet, one of your best options is to adjust your video recording speed.

Recording with a Timer:

If you’re using a desktop or laptop computer, recording your voice is as simple as clicking Record in your chosen recording program.

Apply Filter before You upload video on Shorts:

Short videos are great for a lot of reasons, including their versatility. You can record them with a mobile device or upload them straight from your computer—and both methods work great. Most of all, though, they’re perfect for illustrating your expertise and increasing engagement with viewers. So how do you get started making YouTube shorts? Today we’ll show you how easy it is! All you need is a smartphone and some free time!

Add text & sound after you record on Shorts:

The easiest way to add text and sound, or even a custom video intro, is after you’ve recorded your video on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. At first glance, these options may not be obvious for users who haven’t been using them long. So let me show you how easy it is.

Upload Shorts

Uploading your videos is simple. Log into your YouTube account, click Upload on top of any page and pick one of three upload options: Upload from computer (for higher quality), mobile device or webcam.

How to get on YouTube Shorts video App and view more details and reviews of other Apps.

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