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YouTube Shorts Video-How to Get on YouTube Shorts Video App

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You may be wondering why you should use the YouTube Shorts Video App over the main YouTube App, or even some other app like Vine. Well, this article will hopefully answer those questions and many more! Let’s get started!

You may have heard about the new social video app called YouTube Shorts Video App and you want to learn more about it. The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play, so chances are you’re already carrying it around with you! As you dig deeper into this new app, make sure you remember these tips on how to get on YouTube Shorts Video App, how to use it and what kinds of uses there are to it!

Why you should use the YouTube Shorts Video App, Because YouTube is user friendly App. YouTube Shorts Video is easy to use. The users stay on the YouTube App then use YouTube Shorts.

How to get on YouTube Shorts Video

YouTube Shorts is an app available in Google Play Store. However, it’s restricted to India as of now. If you live outside India, simply use a VPN like HideMyAss and set your location to India. It will show up in your Play Store and you can install it there without any issues! Now that we’ve covered how you can download YouTube Shorts, let’s talk about how you can actually use it. The main focus of YouTube Shorts is original content from creators around the world that are localised for Indian users.

Uses of YouTube Shorts App

It is a new app of YouTube which help us to make video from one minute. It will be available only for android and iOS so far. YouTube shorts gives users amazing experience to make great video in just 60 seconds.

The best thing about youtube shorts is that you can get it for free, when you download it from google play store or Apple store. Before publishing any video in youtube please verify your email address otherwise you may not be able to publish your videos in youtube due to non verification of email id. Besides, check out all features of youtube short before publishing your first short video in google play store or Apple store. Now let’s discuss what are all things we need while using YouTube shorts application?

How to Use YoutubeShorts

The YouTube mobile app is a pretty robust platform. That said, it still doesn’t have everything; there are some features that have been added as stand-alone apps. One such feature is Youtube Shorts, an app you can use to make and upload videos directly from your phone.

Here’s how you get on Youtube Shorts: Download and open Youtube Shorts: Before you can use Youtube Shorts, you’ll need to download it from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

You Tube Shorts is easy to use

To submit a video, you’ll need a Google Account and your YouTube channel. Then, use your account to sign into YouTube Shorts Video through an iOS or Android device. You can choose whether you want your videos to be public or private, add tags and descriptions, and select categories that describe your content. Once you’ve published a video, it’ll appear in its respective category within YouTube Shorts Video until users vote on it. If it gets enough votes from viewers who like it, it’ll appear higher in YouTube’s algorithms for search results, which could drive more traffic back to your channel page (and subsequently boost watch time).

YouTube Shorts compatible for youTubers

In April 2017, YouTube officially announced a new platform for creators called YouTube shorts. This platform is available only for mobile devices, and it allows content creators to quickly produce and publish video content directly from their phones. The process is quick and easy, but there are a few things you should know about before diving in. Here’s how to get started with YouTube shorts and what you can do with it today.

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