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Viva Video Editor VS Viva Video Pro

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There are two versions of Viva Video on the market today. One of which is called Viva Video Editor and the other called Viva Video Pro . While you can use either to edit your video clips and photos. It’s important to note the features that each has to offer so you can choose the one that works best for your editing style and budget. Below, we’ll go over some of the key differences between these two applications in hopes of making your decision easier.

Why buy Viva Video Pro?

As you’re reading through the features of each program. Keep in mind that our decision came down to one simple question: What will you use it for? If you don’t need a video editor, then sticking with Viva Video (the most basic version) is probably best. It’s easy to use and more affordable than an upgrade to Viva Video Pro. But if you want additional functionality, then spending $40 on an upgrade is well worth it!

Viva Video Editor review

If you’re on a tight budget and only looking to make minor edits, it’s not a bad way to go. It is easy to use and gives you an easy way to cut things together without any experience necessary. While it isn’t necessarily targeted towards professionals, more advanced users can find it very useful for simple fixes and in-depth video editing. If they know how to use what features are available properly. Overall, I found that Viva Video Editor did not live up to its claims of being a professional video editor for videos. However, it does do an excellent job of making quick cuts and adding some effects. If you aren’t looking for anything too special or complicated.

Viva Video Pro review

Viva Video Pro is a great tool for video enthusiasts. But Viva Video’s regular version is a better deal for most people. Essentially, both products are similar, but they don’t share features—so you have to pay separately for them. If you want more control over editing and effects, upgrade to Pro ($39). Otherwise, stick with free Viva Video Editor (or purchase and use it as-is if you want to stay on budget). You can do everything with your stock app that you can with Premium – even fun stuff like animating GIFs from videos and adding looping music – without spending any money at all.

Verdict on the free version of VivaVideo

Free software is available.
But many folks spend more time trying to download and install it than they do making videos with it. Perhaps our biggest issue with free video-editing software is that you have to save your video projects as files on your computer—making them less easy to access from other devices, including phones and tablets. You can upload most free video creations to YouTube or Facebook for free. But all those steps can take hours of work.

VivaVideo FAQ’s

What is HD? HD is a format in which your videos can be recorded. The file size of an HD video can reach up to 4 GB, but you do not need to worry about uploading time and storage space. All our video recording servers are specially configured to save videos in HD quality.

Is VivaVideo app (Viva Video Editor) free?

Yes! We don’t charge any amount for downloading or using our app in any way and all our products are free of any charges to download or use.

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