9th Class Tarjuma Quran Syllabus Textbook Model Paper

9th Class Tarjuma Quran. We go to upload the Tarjuma Al-Quran Majeed for the class 9th according to the PCTB for the year 2022 – 2023. We also provide the paper pattern scheme for the annual exams 2022, model paper, Al-Quran syllabus and textbook. Our team worked very hard for collect the data for the students of grade 9.

Because it has been observed that most of the students and teachers do not know how the syllabus of Quran. It is confirmed that the Quran is a compulsory subject for grades 1 to 12. Many students and teachers are ignorant about this subject. But now it cannot be ignored as it is a compulsory subject. In this post, we will give good direction to the teachers and students to guide them through the Quran syllabus.

We will also tell you about the Class 9 Quran Syllabus so that you feel at ease about it. And we will give them model papers and syllabus and also his textbook of Tarjuma Al Quran Majeed for class 9.

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9th Class Tarjuma Al Quran Majeed Syllabus and Overview

Class9th class
SubjectTarjuma Al-Quran Majeed
Total Marks50 marks
BoardAll Punjab Boards
Year2022 – 2023

The Turjuma Al Quran Majeed contains two parts. We mention paper pattern scheme for the year 2022-2023 separately below:

Part 110 marks
Part 240 marks
Total Marks50 marks
Paper scheme for Al-Quran

Turjuma Al Quran Majeed Part 1:

Question 1: MCQs10 marks
Al Quran Paper Pattern Part 1 for class 9th

Al-Quran Majeed Paper Pattern Part 2:

Question 2: Short Question attempt any 5
each questions have same marks
10 marks
Question 3: Translate Qurani words
attempt 5 words (1X5=5)
5 marks
Question 4: Translation of Ayaat attempt
any 3 (3X5=15)
15 marks
Question 5 Long Question Attempt
any 1 out of 2
10 marks
Total Marks of Parts 240 Marks
Paper Scheme of Al Quran Class 9th

See the video for more detail about syllabus Click for See .

Download the Turjuma Quran for Grade-9:

Download Tarjama Tul Quran (Quranic Translation) Class 9th New Text Book 2022 by PCTB Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board, Lahore. Tarjuma e Quran Book Matric Class 9 New Edition 2022 PDF is based on Punjab Boards’ new curriculum for 2022.

Download Tarjuma Al Quran Majeed Textbook for class 9th in PDF format.

For info please visit the Home Page and downlaod the School-Based Assessment Paper Grade 1 to 8 PLEASE CLICK.

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