Grade 7 Computer SBA Paper 2023 With Keys

Grade 7 Computer SBA Paper 2023. Assessments and evaluations of the computer papers that students in grade 7 do in school, with answer keys. Download the PDFs of all four versions of the Urdu SBA paper 2023 for grade 7 (A, B, C, E, F, G, and D). The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) item bank has all versions of the SBA 2023 Urdu paper as well as the answer keys. For the annual PEC examination, which PEC will conduct in all districts of Punjab. There will be an Urdu test for seventh-graders. Punjab has the following Boards and districts.

All schools in the Punjab province, whether public or private. These papers are available for download by any teacher implemented by the Punjab School Education Department. It is not necessary to log into the PEC item bank system. Despite the fact that seventh graders are welcome to use these papers to help them evaluate themselves. These school-based assessment papers are from the SNC (Single National Curriculum) of Punjab Text Board Pakistan.

Grade 7 Computer SBA Paper 2023:

The Punjab School Education Department will now conduct annual papers for grade 8 using PEC item banks. The Punjab school education department has changed the policy and method of conducting the grade 7 exam in the last two years. The exams are now given at the school level. School teachers are also responsible for paper marking. And the report is written by the class’s teacher.

All schools in the Punjab Province will undergo a school-based assessment. The PEC prepares different versions of the specific subject for the school-based assessment. Then, in the form of an item bank, all of these versions are shared. Teachers are now advised to select the appropriate paper and print it.

Download the paper from the drive pdf link, which includes all versions and answer keys. However, in order to make things easier for the teachers and students in class 7, we divided the papers into two versions. The first version is intended for students studying computer subjects in English. The second version is in Urdu.

Paper A Objective25 MCQs (50 Marks)
Paper B SubjectiveShort Questions (50 Marks)
SBA 2023 Paper Marks Distribution

Download SBA Paper Computer Science 7th Class:

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