Grade 8 Science SBA Paper 2023 With Answer Keys

Grade 8 Science SBA Paper of 2023 issued by PEC. In Pakistan, the process of school-based assessment for grades I through VIII is quite different from that used in other countries. Standardized tests are used in most developed countries to assess students’ academic achievement at these grade levels.

In Pakistan, however, the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) is in charge of assessing students’ academic achievement from grades I to VIII. The PEC assesses student learning using a variety of methods, including oral examinations, written examinations, and practical assessments.

The PEC administers two types of exams: the Annual Exam and the Supplementary Exam. The Annual Examination is held at the end of each academic year, whereas the Supplementary Examination is held after the results are announced for retakes or improvements. The PEC examination system is a province-wide system for assessing student’s academic achievement in grades I through VIII.

The curriculum established by the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board serves as the foundation for the examination (PCTB). Part A and Part B of the PEC examination are separate. Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are all covered in Part A. Part B includes topics such as Islamiat/Pakistan Studies, English, and Urdu.

Grade 8 Science SBA Paper 2023:

The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC), which is overseen by the education department of the Government of Punjab, conducts school-based assessments (SBA) across all districts of Punjab from April to June each year. The goal is to assess learning outcomes in science, mathematics, and English language subjects taught in grades I through VIII using internationally standardized tools from the Programmed for International Student Assessment (PISA).

PEC used internationally standardized instruments for the first time to conduct such a large-scale assessment of learning outcomes across classes and subjects.

The Assessment Policy Framework’s goal is to improve the teaching and learning process by assessing students’ academic quality. The province conducts two types of assessments under the assessment policy framework.
• Assessment at the School
• Large-Scale Evaluation

School Base Assessment and its Methodology:

The Punjab Examination Commission provides the school with questions (item bank) based on the student’s performance in the curriculum. These questions are developed under the supervision of practicing teachers and assessment experts. Teachers in schools are responsible for creating their own papers and administering assessments using this item bank.

Annual Assessment:

The Punjab Examination Commission creates item banks for all basic subjects (English, Islam, Holy Quran teaching, ethics, science, general knowledge, mathematics, social sciences, history and geography, computer education, and Urdu) from classes I to VI, which include MCQs and CRQs. On the scheduled date, papers and item banks for annual assessment are uploaded to the PEC (Punjab Examination Commission) website. Which teachers in Pakistan Punjab use to prepare tests and assess students in their respective schools?

PEC provides all instructions to the schools in order for them to prepare the paper. The Head Teacher must prepare the papers from ITB in accordance with the instructions or have them prepared by the relevant teachers before conducting the assessment in their school. Following this time, papers are graded. PEC provides marking for all subjects (Keys and Rubrics). Teachers are responsible for preparing report cards based on the assessment and distributing them to students.

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