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Islamiat Textbook latest for Class 9th Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board, Lahore (PCTB). We upload the Islamiat textbook in PDF format for the students of class 9th. Our team worked hard to convert this text book into PDF format. We are providing Islamiat compulsory (LAZMI) for both Urdu and English students. Because we are determined that many students and teachers will benefit from our post.

This book has been written according to the Single National Curriculum (SNC) 2022. The Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore, has published an official copy of the 9 grade textbook Islamiat. You can also download the English-medium book for 9th grade Islamiat LAZMI. The answers to the 9th grade Islamiat questions are also available for download. The following is a list of boards with downloadable textbooks:

  • Class 9th Islamiat Compulsory Textbook Punjab Board
  • Islamiat TextBook of Sindh Board
  • Islamiat Compulsory Textbook for KPK Board
  • Federal Board Islamiat book 9th class
  • AJ&K Islamiat Compulsory Textbook for class 9

Islamiat teaches students how to practise and comprehend their religion. Consider enrolling in an Islamiat course if you’re interesting in studying the Quran, Hadith, and other religious texts. If they have substantial Muslim populations, most schools offer Islamiat as an elective or as a required subject. Many schools in Pakistan require Islamic Studies.

Islamiat / Islamic Studies Compulsory Textbook for Class 9th

During the school year, students may have difficulty locating their books. This is difficult for a large number of people, particularly at the beginning of the school year when books are in high demand. This creates an additional issue: some students will be unable to locate the necessary supplies and will be unable to follow classroom lectures or discussions. The only solution is to provide all students with free copies of the required reading materials so they can prepare for class. Review the list of Subjects. What you will learn from this Islamiat book. The many features of this book given below:

The Content of 9th Class Islamic Studies (Compulsory) Textbook for Punjab:

This book covers the following aspects of Islam: This book has the name of each unit and a list of the topics it covers.

چیپٹر یونٹ کا ٹائٹلچیپٹر نمبر
قرآن مجید و حدیث نبوی1
تعارف قرآن مجید2
ایمانیات و عبادات3
سیرت نبوی4
اخلاق و آداب5
حسن معاملات ومعاشرت6
ہدایت کے سر چشمےاور مشاہیر اسلام7
اسلامی تعلیمات اور عصر حاضر کے تقاضے8
The content of 9th Class Islamic Studies Textbook for Urdu Medium

It assists you in studying for a test or exam and reviewing material. It usually includes practise questions, summaries of the most important ideas, and other study aids. Many students benefit from review books, especially if they are struggling with a particular subject. If you’re looking for a book to help you prepare for the upcoming school year, consider this Islamiat Textbook.

Let us also tell you that they have a book on Islamic Studies for Urdu and English-medium students. Therefore, the students of both Urdu and English madam will have to do one book on Islamiat. We are insuring you here, so you don’t have to worry. English and Urdu-medium children should continue their preparation with this book. And you won’t have any problems with it.

The Version of Islamiat in Pakistan:

Let us also tell you that there is a different type of syllabus in each province of Pakistan. So every student downloads the course from their respective province and prepares from there. We have presented the book of Islamiat separately according to each province.

  • Punjab
  • KPK
  • Sindh
  • Blochistan
  • AJK

Download 9th Islamiat Book Pdf for All Punjab Boards

Islamiat Book Urdu MediumDownload
9th Class Islamic Studies Textbook

9th Islamiat Textbook PDF for KPK Board:

Islamiat Book Urdu MediumDownload
9th Class Islamic Studies Compulsory Textbook

Download Islamic Studies Book for Sindh:

Islamiat Book Urdu MediumDownload
9th Class Islamiat Textbook for Sindh

Download Islamiat Textbook for Federal Board:

Islamiat Book Urdu MediumDownload
9th Class Islamiat Textbook for Federal Board

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