SBA Grade-8 English Paper 2023 School-Based Assessment LSA

SBA Grade-8 English Paper 2023. We present the school-based assessment guidelines for our dear students and teachers. We have also uploaded several school-based assessment SBA papers, which are very useful for teachers. Our effort is that all students in grade 8, can benefit from us. As these children have to take exams under SBA, it is very important for teachers to follow its guidelines. Going along with this guideline, they should also follow the Single Nation Curriculum SNS. We have given guidelines about SNC many times before. This SBA SNC guideline was first presented in the year 2022. We will present such an SNC guideline in 2023.

Let’s tell our respected teachers that like every year, in 2023 also, papers will be taken under SBA. We have already told the teachers about SBA 2022, and now we will continue to mention SBA 2023 as well. As soon as teachers hear about the Large Scale Assessment (LSA) or School Based Assessment (SBA), they are shocked.

In this post, we present the School-Based Assessment LSA English SLOs for the class of 8th. Which will be the most beneficial for many teachers. A lot of teachers looked worry about how the 8th-grade SBA papers will be. This will solve the problems of many teachers. also about all teachers’ SBA 2023 Assessments. And teachers will be able to know about SBA LSA 2023 and will also be able to prepare the students for the SBA 2023 papers event.

We will try our best to ensure that our teachers and students understand the SBA English paper for grade 8 well. Stay connected to our website for more information on SBA. We will try to best as our knowledge about SBA Grade-8 English SLO’s.

SBA Grade-8 English Paper Large Scale Assessment 2023

We will talk about the details of the English paper under SBA LSA, which is very important for the teachers because they have to prepare the children for the subject of English grade 8 through SBA. It has been reported that the annual paper exam for 2023 will be released around this time in March. It will be a great pleasure for our teachers and students when they get to know about the whole pattern of the SBA English paper for grade 8. We will try our best to give you a good understanding of the School-Based Assessment Pattern 2023.

Subject SLO’s:English
Paper Conduct:Not Announced yet.
Course:English Textbook of grade 8 and
Grammar Essay Story etc
Authority:District Education Authority DEA
Department:School Education Department, Punjab
Detail of SBA English Paper for Grade-8

Different Versions of English Paper for grade 8:

Papers taken under the School System Act have many versions. The School Education Department provides the papers themselves. It also mentions the method of checking and also provides the paper-solving key for checking the paper. The 8th-grade English paper is divided into two parts; one is subjective and the other is objective. All the papers in class 8 have a total of eight versions (Version A to H)for each subject. But it cannot be said with certainty because it may go ahead and increase the number of versions. This is done to ensure that students do not copy the paper among themselves. The SBA paper pattern is good and it becomes very easy for the teachers to get the ready-made papers easily.

Below is the 8th grade English paper pattern that you can check to give you a better idea of how the English paper will be.

English Paper Objective50 Marks
Grade 8th English Subjective Paper50 Marks
Total Marks100 Marks
SBA English Paper Pattern for the class 8

Above has told you about the marks for the English paper. How many are the total marks? Now we will discuss the material of that paper and where this paper is made from. Now we would like to explain what the objective of the English paper is, where it will come from and how many marks it will carry. We’ll also tell you where the star-letter essays come from and how they are graded.

The SLOs of English Objective Paper for Grade 8:

Sentence CorrectionVowel Sounds
Singular & PluralMCQs from Textbook
Noun & PronounSpelling Correction
Direct & IndirectPassive Voice
& Active Voice
Comprehension MCQ’sSynonyms & Homonyms
English Grade Eight Objective Paper Pattern

The SLOs of English Subjective Paper:

Questions & TopicsMarks
Essay according to the given pictorial
Write a letter10
Write five sentences according to
the given pictorial image using
correct grammar, punctuation
and Spelling
Write the (Unseen) paragraph10
Read the following paragraph
and answers these questions
English Subjective SLO

Download All Versions of English Paper SBA 2023:

A version English Objective Paper AA version of Subjective Paper B
B version English Objective Paper AB version Subjective Paper B
C version English Objective Paper AC version Subjective Paper B
D version English Objective Paper AD version Subjective Paper B
E version English Objective Paper AE version Subjective Paper B
F version English Objective Paper AF version Subjective Paper B
G version English Objective Paper AG version Subjective Paper B
H version English Objective Paper AH version Subjective Paper B
Download SBA LSA English Paper for the year of 2023

Download the Objective and Subjective Answer Keys:

A version Objective KeyA version of Subjective Key
B version Objective KeyB version Subjective Key
C version Objective KeyC version Subjective Key
D version Objective KeyD version Subjective Key
E version Objective KeyE version Subjective Key
F version Objective KeyF version Subjective Key
G version Objective KeyG version Subjective Key
H version Objective KeyH version Subjective Key
Download SBA LSA English Paper Answer keys

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