School Olympics Torch Lip-up Ceremony-2021

The School Olympics Torch Lip-Up Ceremony will take place in 2021. In connection with the first ever School Olympics to be held in Pakistan, which was arranged by the Education Department of South Punjab, this article was written. Samiullah Khan, a well-known Olympian, ignited the “School Olympics” torch in Bahawalpur on Saturday.

The South Punjab Education Department planned a five-day sports competition in conjunction with the “School Olympics,” which was held in conjunction with the competition. They will begin on November 8 in Dera Ghazi Khan and will continue throughout Pakistan. As part of this effort, the “School Olympics” torch was officially lit during a ceremony conducted at Government Sadiq Dean High School in Bahawalpur by Flying Horse Samiullah Khan, a well-known Olympian.

The Deputy Commissioner’s Address on School Olympics Torch Ceremony

On the occasion of the School Olympics Torch Ceremony, the Deputy Commissioner Irfan Ali Kathia, the CEO Education Bahawalpur Zahoor Ahmad Chauhan, the CEO Education Bahawal Nagar Shahida Hafeez, the Divisional Sports Officer Maqsood Al Hassan Javed, teachers, students, officers from various departments, and representatives from civil society were in attendance.

Olympian Samiullah Khan spoke at the event and expressed his gratitude to the Education Department of South Punjab for organizing the “School Olympics” competition. He believes that students should participate in sporting activities in addition to their academic studies.

In his remarks, the Deputy Commissioner of Bahawalpur, Irfan Ali, stated that the “School Olympics” will assist the kids in honing their skills. He stated that the playgrounds should be settled by the youth. In addition to participating in extracurricular activities, we should also participate in extracurricular activities. He recognized the importance of the South Punjab Education Department’s efforts in promoting video gaming.

The CEO’s Address

Z”Olympics” in schools are organized in all three divisions of South Punjab under the supervision of the Punjab Education Minister and the South Punjab Education Department, said Zahoor Ahmad Chauhan, Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority (DEA), Bahawalpur, in a thank-you letter. Competitors from 11 districts will fight for gold, silver, and bronze medals, with hundreds of athletes participating.

It is his belief that the objective of conducting “School Olympics” is to reintroduce athletic traditions into educational establishments. To establish nurseries in order to generate world-class athletes, to instill discipline and sportsmanship in young people. In addition, healthy habits should be instilled in children so that they avoid computer, video game, and mobile phone abuse.

He stated that the “School Olympics” torch has been ignited in Bahawalpur, and that it will be passed from one district’s players to another district’s players until it reaches the inaugural event of the “School Olympics,” which will take place on November 8 in Dera Ghazi Khan.

According to the CEO of Education, separate events in hockey, football, volleyball, and table tennis would be held as part of the “School Olympics.” The badminton tournament will take place in Dera Ghazi Khan, while the hockey and football competitions will take place in Bahawalpur and Multan, respectively.

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