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Download Tarjuma tul Quran textbook for issued by Punjab Textbook Board in 2023 in pdf. These books are prepared by the government of Punjab, the School education department. As per the policy of the Govt of Punjab, it is compulsory to teach the TARJAM of the Holy Quran for all grades from 6 to 8. For this purpose School education department published the TARJAM TUL Quran textbook along with the scheme of study. Now one subject is additionally added to the syllabus of grades 6 to 8. Below is a list of subjects.

Core subjects for Grades VI-VIII are Translation of the Holy Quran, Urdu, English,
Mathematics, Islamiat, Computer Education, General Science, History and
Geography besides elective Arabic / Persian / Punjabi /Functiona1 English /
Functional Urdu / Art & Drawing/ Essentials of Home Economics /Agriculture.

Here is an overview of the textbook for TARJAMA-TUL-QURAN.

  • Components of Scheme of Studies
  • Aims and Objectives of the Scheme of Studies
  • Highlights of the Scheme of Studies
  • Core Subjects introduced for various Grades
  • Format of the Curriculum Document
  • Textbooks
  • Assessment & Evaluation System
  • Implementation Strategy

Description About Download Tarjuma Tul Quran For Grade 6

ClassGrade 6th
SubjectTarjuma Al-Quran Majeed
Total Marks50 marks
SchoolPublic and Private Schools in Punjab
including PEF
Issued ByPCTB (Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board)
Year2022 – 2023


Implementation of newly introduced STEAM subjects as per directions of the government will require the timely provision of sufficient labs and subject teachers. In this context, School Education Department will ensure adequate coordination
amongst PCTB, QAED, PEC Directorate of Education, BISE, Punjab Educational
Equipment Centre and TEVTA etc.

Besides advising the school administration to maintain close liaison with the local community, industry, hospitals, etc. for arranging educational tours for the students. Necessary guidance, counseling, and technical & professional advice will be provided to the students up to Higher Secondary level by the concerned teachers. In this regard, a booklet on “Guidance & Counseling” will be provided to all Educational Institutions.

Paper Pattern Scheme Tarjuma-Tul-Quran Majeed for Grade 6

Part 110 marks
Part 240 marks
Total Marks50 marks
Paper scheme 2023 of Tarjuma-Tul-Quran Majeed for class 6

Turjuma Quran Majeed Paper Pattern Part 1:

Question 1: MCQs10 marks
Al Quran Paper Pattern Scheme Part 1 MCQs

Turjuma Al-Quran Majeed Paper Pattern Part 2:

Question 2: Short Question attempt any 5
each questions have same marks
10 marks
Question 3: Translate Qurani words
attempt 5 words (1X5=5)
5 marks
Question 4: Translation of Ayaat attempt
any 3 (3X5=15)
15 marks
Question 5 Long Question Attempt
any 1 out of 2
10 marks
Total Marks of Parts 240 Marks
Pairing Scheme of Al Quran Majeed Part 2

Download Tarjuma Tul Quran Majeed Textbook and Syllabus:

It is very important to us that we are uploading these textbooks for our students. We are also determined to provide maximum protocol to students and teachers. We have given the download link below on this page. You can download all these books for free from our website. But you have to stay connected with our website to download more study materials for free. We have provided you with the download link, so download Tarjuma tul Quran Majeed for grade 6. You will find all things in this link, eg.

  • Tarjuma Tul Quran Syllabus
  • Paper Pattern Scheme 2023
  • All Content of Textbook
  • Model Paper

Download 6th Class Tarjuma tul Quran Majeed Textbook PDF

Tarjuma Tul Quran for Grade 7 & 8:

Tarjuma Quran Majeed for Grade 7Download
8th Grade Tarjuma-tul-Quran Majeed TextbookDownload
Tarjuma tul Quran Textbook for grade 7 & 8

Click Here for Download Grade 6 Study Materials

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