Naazrah Quran Syllabus Grade 1 to 8 Academic Year 2023

Naazrah Quran Syllabus Grade 1 to 8 for academic year 2023. The PCTB has issued the notification and mention Quran syllabus for grade 1 to 12. According to this notification the teaching of Quran is compulsory for grade 1 to 12. So that we are going to upload Quran syllabus for the academic year of 2023. The Punjab government has taken the lead on putting the Nazrah of the Holy Quran into practice and making it a separate subject in schools and colleges.

Naazrah Quran Syllabus, PCTB Notification and Teachers Trainings

School education has received many strict orders regarding Nazra Quran. Now, teaching Quran has been made compulsory in every private public school. Strict action will be taken against those school owners who do not follow this order. We are also mentioning the notification in our post, which you can read.

In this regard, the Quaid-i-Azam Academy of Education Development has announced teacher training programs several times. Due to this training, the teacher’s knowledge of the Quran increased significantly. They were told to teach Quran Sharif properly and were taught about Quranic grammar. So that they can read the words of the Quran correctly and avoid reading the wrong words.

Naazrah Quran Syllabus Grade 1 to 5

Grade 1Qurani Qaeda Last 4 Sarahs
Grade 2Parah 1 and 2
Grade 3Parah 3 to 8
Grade 4Parah 9 to 18
Grade 5Parah 18 to 30
Grade 1 to 5 Syllabus

Grade 6 to 8 Nazra with Translation:

For grade 6 to 8th teaching of Holly Quran with translation are following below:

Grade VIParah no. 1 and 2 with translation
Grade VIIParah no. 3 to 5 with translation
Grade VIIIParah no. 6 and 9 with translation
The teaching of Holly Quran Syllabus for grade 6 to 8
Tarjuma tul Quran Syllabus for Class 11thDownload
Tarjuma Al Quran For Class 9thDownload
Tarjuma tul Quran

The Notification Regarding the Holly Quran:

Download The Teaching of Holly Quran Syllabus PDF for Grade 1 to 12

Download the Islamic Studies Textbook and for more info please the Home Page

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