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TAJVEEDI QAIDA for Grade 1. We have uploaded the newly released Noorani Qaida for the children of garde 1. This is a big opportunity for the teachers who teach Nazra Quran grade 1. We present this course according to SNC. All the teachers and tutors are suffering very much from this. Because Naazrah is a new syllabus added from grade 1 to 5, This is the first time in Pakistan that the teaching of Naazrah Quran is compulsory at the primary level. In this post, we discuss the Naazrah Quran syllabus. Just stay connected with us and don’t forget our website, riserpro.com.

TAJVEEDI QAIDA for Grade 1 Overview and Syllabus:

The Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board has assigned Noorani Qaida for grade 1 students. Now we present the Noorani Qaida in PDF format, and the link is given below. You can also download the qaida for grade 1 and feel free.

ClassGrade One
SubjectTAJVEEDI QAIDA | Naazrah Quran
SchoolBoth Public and Private Schools
NaazrahGrade 1 to 5
Tarjuma tul QuranGrade 6 to 12
Subject TypeCompulsory
TAJVEEDI QAIDA | Naazrah Quran for Grade 1

Nazzrah Quran Syllabus Grade 1 to 5:

We want to know the Quran’s syllabus. Because most teachers feel very hard about the syllabus, We provide the Naazrah syllabus for grades 1 to 5. Please view the syllabus carefully and take it easy.

ناظرہ نورانی قاعدہجماعت اول
پارہ نمبر ایک اور دو ناظرہجماعت دوم
پارہ نمبر 3 تا 8 ناظرہجماعت سوم
پارہ نمبر 9 تا 18 ناظرہجماعت چہارم
پارہ نمبر 19 تا 30 ناظرہجماعت پنجم
ناظرہ سلیبس جماعت اول تا پنجم

Download Noorani Qaida:

Download Noorani Qaida for Grade 1

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